Things you should do as a teenager

If you are a teenager then you have to keep this thing in your mind. In this article, as a lifecoach expert, I want to share some points with you.
  • Learn to balance hobbies
  • Learn to manage pocket money
  • Master the art of self sufficiency
  • Play around for a while
  • Don't stress yourself with studies

  • Learn to balance hobbies.

how to balance teenage life


Being involved in several hobbies lubricates the technique of time management which would matter beyond infinity in future.

  • Learn to manage pocket money.

pocket money lesson for teenage

Well, every teenager is entitled to some pocket money which generally is lesser than what he or she desires. To be able to utilize your needs ( without nagging for more) with that meagre amount is beneficial.


  • Master the art of self sufficiency.

Walk alone on the road. Travel without parents. Shop without the support of your parents. Learn to cook yourself. This is going to be a gem quality.
  • Play around for a while.

    play around for a while

The more you get upstairs, the harder it is to deal with. Better to chill for a while in the green fields with fellow mates than to lose it to the industrious tomorrow.
  • Don't stress yourself with studies.

    teenage lifecoach help you

I mean, it is great to be studious but making it far more necessary than your life isn't. A scar in the tenth results won't end your life. A mess in the twelfth board results won't stab you to death.
  • If you have recently learnt the skill of abusing people, please get rid of that.

Abuses and cuss words are never chill things, it irks me to death.
  • Be free about menstruation.

If you are a lady, don't shy out or think yourself as impure. Rather embrace your new earned womanhood.
If you are a guy, please don't laugh at your fellow girls over this.
  • Stand against bullies.

It is a custom or ritual for an innocent dude to get bullied at high school. Don't be one of the bullies rather be out and against the bullies.
  • If you are depressed, please don't fear to seek medication.

It is a bliss to embrace your problem and consult a doctor. Being depressed is not a crime, neither consulting a psychiatrist is.