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1. Millionaires in India

16 thousand that's the number of the students who can get into IIT in a year. 7 lakh 60 thousand that's the number of millionaires in India in a year. 49 crore that's the number of happy people in India in a year. Is every happy person rich?   NO! 

Is every rich person an IITian? NO! some people will perform really good in exams, and some people will really perform really well in life without an exam. Stop judging yourself based on your performance because of one exam, You can still be rich, You can still be happy, You can still kill in life, Take it easy and keep figuring out. 

2. 60-second Question answer session with Raj Shamani

60-second with Raj shamani shoot! 

Q1. Bootstrap or V.C. 

Raj Shamani:- Bootstrap

Q2. Would you rather be an unknown superhero or a famous villain ?

Raj Shamani:- Famous villain.

Q3. The best money you've ever spent on..   

Raj shamani:- On my shoes Nike

Q5. What makes you feel Powerful? 

Raj Shamani:- Knowledge 

Q6. What's that unanswerable question, the question you seem to be always asking yourself! 

Raj Shamani:- What am I gonna do tomorrow! 

Q7. How much of our brain do we use?

Raj Shamani:- Less than 1%.

Q8. Your favorite dessert? 

Raj Shamani:- Ras malai 

Q9. The subject you hated in school?

Raj Shamani:- Maths!!

Q10. Celebrity crush 

Raj Shamani:- Kendall Jenner

Q11. If you were invisible for a day... which influencer would you spy on? 

Raj Shamani:- Elon Musk

Q12. What is the one thing which is essential to live a balance life? 

Raj Shamani:- I don't have a balanced life 

Q13. Your biggest insecurity 

Raj Shamani:- Thats'm short 

Q14. Your next goal

Raj Shamani:- Best seller

Q15. What superpower would you like to have?

Raj Shamani:- To become jojo one day. ( jojo cartoon )


3. Rule of one thing

So we all have this rule of one thing in my house. And the rule of one thing is... it doesn't matter what you do and who you are, every morning you wake up with one thing. And you need to finish that before you go back to bed. And that's what we follow. Ok so the practice is maybe I don't workout everyday, but if today morning I've decided that today I'll work out, I'll do it, If today morning I've decided I have to read a book, I'll do it, If today morning I've decided I have to do meeting podcast, I'll finish it off. That's how I get my consistency. So it's the rule of one thing. My father always says me, If you are gonna plan five thing, you won't be able to do it. so do this.. rule of one thing. 

4. Stop blaming things

There is so much unemployed Due to the government, or else I would've got a job. If my parents gave me the freedom, I would've achieved a lot. If I had the money, I could've done something. No one gives me any opportunity, If I get the opportunity, then I'll kit it. No one is ambitious in my circle. They are all holding me back. Your friends, your family, the government, the money or the lack of opportunity isn't holding you back, You are the one holding yourself back, everyone has these problems but they choose to not quit and win, so stop blaming things because of your lack of dedication. No one is responsible for your failure, only you are. 

5. Most people fail to succeed

We torture ourselves in our imaginations Regardless of our Reality our problem is that... We think that, WHAT IF this happens, WHAT IF I do this, WHAT IF this never happens, In fact, nothing has happened yet! but, we've already created a HUGE PROBLEM in our heads! and due to this we destroy our TODAY, Our Advantage is JUST TODAY, What we do TODAY. IF we do something good today? Maybe it gets better tomorrow But by THINKING TODAY, Not only do we WASTE TODAY But also our FUTURE.  



1. I hold the remote control of my life.. No one can make me react without my permission.. I love the clam and composed me.

2. One of the most beautiful gifts which we can give to ourselves and to this world is Kindness.

3. Hiding your pain behind your smile shows your courage to face the Odds of life..

4. The feeling of being grateful makes you vibrate on high frequency..

5. Make smile your All time and all weather Favorite accessory..

6. Happiness comes from our choices and actions...

7. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place

8. The situations that we confront In our lives are foreordained...

But our response to these situations is our choice...

9 World mental health day

your words matter, speak gracefully...

Your actions matter, act carefully...

Your choice matters, choose wisely.

your tonality matters, utter lovingly.

your feelings matter, own wholeheartedly..

10. Ego is one of the biggest enemies and humility is one of the most wonderful friends of a human...


Lifecoach Madhulika appasani

1. Don't set a timer for your to-do list, rather set a timer for the effort your willing to put in for each task. 25 Minutes of effort speaks louder than 90 minutes of sitting in front of your laptop. 

2. Not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning. Train your mind to see the good in things that are not obvious.