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1:- BOB world

Wish my parents were rich they would have given me capital for my business. I have a billion-dollar startup Idea, Just need funding now. can't quit my job man, Planning to work for few more years, to save capital for my business,... NO!! You don't have to wait to save up your capital you don't need funding to startup. You don't need rich parents to give you money, don't let your dreams die just because you don't have capital. If you have a solid idea, which you have tested in a small market and now you want to grow, then for you, Bank of Baroda has come up with a mobile banking application, bob world, from where you can get easy loans without even visiting the bank. It will not only help you avail loans in just 3 clicks but also help you Save, Invest, Borrow, and shop. Diwali is around the corner, and there is no better time than to start something new after Diwali. 

2:- Dating

Most people care about other people's life more than their own. They want to know who they are dating who did the break up with, how, much money did they lose, who fought with whom. They care about what's the gossip of the town, more than they care about their own life. Don't be like more people, Start focusing on you life rather than talking about others.

3:- Stand Out

Don't send Hi- Hello messages because we get thousands of that. Yeah Come to the point you know? Tell me why should I read your message or send me a video message. how many people send you video messages? This, I learnt from the a young boy, he said he was trying to date, and he was not able to find a girlfriend. So instead of just sending a message, he send a video. "Hey I think you are extremely cool, I think we should go out! " And that was the only video she got.. and she said let's give it a shot,.. such a cool way to stand out. Seriously That is the answer:- Stand out. Which is why I call it success. That it's the same thing, you know, you have to stand out. Especially in countries like India. with huge population, you gotta differentiate yourself. And then you will get the job.

4:- Avoiding unhappy

You know why Most of the people are unhappy? because they avoid, they avoid when their parents stop them to do what they want to do. They avoid when they get the lil back pain. They avoid when their partner gets lil toxic. they avoid and let it be, and this avoiding... avoiding of little things that makes you suffer on a daily basis, makes you unhappy in the long run. If you really want to be happy, you need to start fixing things and not avoid them. 

5. Dreams:-

Work for your dreams, or else you will work for someone else's dream. Everybody tells "Do Business " But doing business is not that easy. It's a 24/7 job Finding the right products or services, Banking, billing accounting Building a team, And a lot more. Nobody can solve all the problems. But banking and accounting, and finance-related problems, can be solved by OpenBook, It will help you manage payments through the app will let you pay bills, vendor payments, business-related shopping Generate all kinds of invoices and bills like Sales, Invoice, Purchase Bills, Sales and Purchase Returns, Sales and Purchase Orders, and Delivery challans And the best part is, it will help you manage stock and inventor. Go download OpenBook now and be your own boss. 

6. Invest by 100 rupees

People say that if you wanna make a lot of money, you need to buy stocks of the things, which you use daily, But our generation specifically we use Instagram, on our Apple iPhone, then watch Netflix, then order things from Amazon, then use Google for everything. And each of these stocks are worth $1000-$2000. Meaning 1 stock is worth 1 lakh rupees. But how do we get 1 Lakh rupees? We don't have that much in the starting. But most of the people don't understand or don't know, that you can start buying U.S. Stocks... with as low as 100 rupees. as fraction stocks through INDmoney. So download INDmoney right now, and start investing in U.S. Stocks for free, without any commissions.

-Zero commission

-Zero brokerage

-best exchanges rates

7. Problem with this generation

The Problem with this generation is... I have a bad luck, I am unlucky in work, I am unlucky in love, dude... everyone is really privileged. You're saying you're not privileged enough? You, who's sitting in your ac room! ordering food from zomato every day, while binge-watching every single show on Netflix, sipping chilled water in your bed! You've turned your geyser... 1 Hour ago to take a fresh hot shower. You've 24*7 access to the internet. so bro You have Everything, clean water, food, entertainment, and the internet. Its not your luck, that's stopping you, it's you, you're not unlucky. You're lazy. Stop complaining and blaming things. You've everything, you need to grow and be successful!!.

8. Hirect Startup career

No one listens to my opinion man, wish I was working in a startup, my corporate job gives me so much responsibility but no authority, This friend of mine. he chills with his founder, startup culture is so cool man. Half of your life is spent at the workplace, and if that's bad we end up wasting half of our life complaining, complaining for good packages, for a good working environment, for job satisfaction, So why not get a job in a startup that fulfills our goals and makes us happy from day 1. Check out hirect, where you can chat directly with 30,000 plus startup founders and CEO, and experience the startup culture which will help you grow as an individual and protect your mental health. Not only this, Hirect has 100% verified jobs with zero involvement of consultants. That sounds like a dream job right? If you also want your dream job.

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