Story of Avi Arya and Daniel founder of AZpop

Two People communicate with each other:- Avi and Daniel

Real-Life Story of Avi Arya 

who is avi arya  ( avi arya real life story )

Avi:- So Daniel you know like i said i'll give you a little bit of an introduction about myself very quick so on the 29th of october next month i'm going to be 44 years old but the story that i'm going to tell you is when i was 18 years old born and brought up in new delhi all i wanted to do in life was to race street cars i thought i'd become a street car racer maybe go abroad to study street car racing but one day my dad called me to his office and he said son i've lost a lot of things in my business i don't have the money to send you abroad he had a small 27 room motel he said start working with me in the morning otherwise you leave the house i you know you can't live with us and all of that in one night everything changed very next morning i found myself working with my dad in a small motel we didn't know what to do we were working with indian guests one day a foreign tourist walked in and he paid us in dutch gilders and that turned out to be double of what an indian client pays us now my 18 19 year old mind is saying what if i can get all international tourists to uh come into my hotel then i can get more money and i'll become more revenue and i'll become a star in my dad's eyes so with that intention i started searching around during that time late 90s early 2000s there was a new phenomenon on the market called the internet and the internet was allowing you to connect with people around the world the only problem was in delhi there was internet only in two places and both of them were five hotels and they were very expensive after six months or a year i saw an ad in the paper uh cyber cafe in your you know in your premises so i applied and i got a cyber cafe now daniel i had 24 hour access to the slowest internet on the planet i used to open one part of the website the other used to open after lunch but i still started chatting with people understanding how this works so somebody said get a website somebody said to seo somebody said put a toll free number somebody said have a query form i didn't know how to do all of this next six seven eight months i started learning all of these things created a website and we were one of the first ever indian companies to have small companies to have a website so we got lots of business and that completely changed the way that our family started doing business once i understood how to do this then i started making multiple travel websites but it traveled all i had out almost 100 websites by the age of 25 four of them were doing extremely well by 2009, i thought i should now branch out on my own apart from my dad's business so i launched a travel a digital marketing agency in 2009 with a four-member team no funding bootstrap completely and the ten years we were able to grow it to about 200 people and after doing digital marketing i realized that i'm spending too much time in my business my wife my daughters my dogs everybody's getting neglected so i started getting into the coaching in a mentoring space i got into i started coaching people i started doing webinars then COVID happened and after covert we did 75 webinars in 75 days, we grew our email list to 136 000 people, grew on instagram following to 83,000 covidd change and webinars changed everything for us.  Now I teach and coach entrepreneurs we have a small school online school called micro video mastery, where we teach entrepreneurs from all over the world, how they can use videos to be able to interact with people to get known, get leads and get sales and the first thing that we do is we tell people that the shortest distance between two human hearts is a story you tell somebody a story and you connect with your hearts however the internet is very impatient so the shortest form of a story when you put in your Instagram video is what we call the hero introduction.

who is Avi Arya? ( Digital Marketing expert)

Avi:- My name is Avi Arya father of two girls, six dogs husband to a superwoman a street car racer turned hotelier, now social media marketer and founder of Internet Mogulsin the micro-video mastery school where we teach entrepreneurs how to get known, get leads, and get sales using just a smartphone and a wi-fi connection.

Who is Daniel?
Daniel the founder of Azpop yellow page whatsapp

Daniel:-Avi, I'm a programmer and entrepreneur based in Sao Paulo Brazil and I started building my first websites back in 2005 so I have been doing it for a long time as well and over the years I built bought, and sold over 50 websites and more recently I started working well not so recently from 10 years or so to the present day I started focusing more on developing mobile and web applications and that's pretty much what I do today we have a mobile app that's starting to grow a lot here in brazil and we are starting to raise money from the VCs and that's kind of a new chapter for me. 

He is the Founder of "yellow pages WhatsApp" Thai is AZpop.

Avi:- excellent so tell us about how did you come up with the idea of this website and who does it serve.

Daniel:- i guess i'll start with the latest project with the mobile app that i said we are building i guess the easiest way to describe its yellow pages for whatsapp and since you live in india i'm sure it's the same as in brazil whatsapp is very popular right and it became the default communication platform yet at least in brazil last year when we launched it didn't have any easy and quick way to find the whatsapp number of professionals and businesses let's say you need a plumber you want to talk to chat on whatsapp yep how do you find the what's up number of plumbers in your city it's hard you don't have an option and then my co-founder and i we identified this gap and we said let's let's do it uh we did some research we could not find anyone doing exactly that so yellow pages for whatsapp not in brazil not anywhere in the world and then we decided to launch and feedback was great so we just kept moving and just over one one year that we are working on this app we have around six hundred thousand downloads in isu and over 400 000 monthly active users so that's the current uh my current project my current focus today if you want we can talk about past projects as well i have as i said over thousands of websites that i launched over the years some worked some didn't i have many many stories.

Avi:- so tell us about this current project of yours what's it.

Daniel:- it was called agenda but since agenda zap is not an international name agenda means contact list in Portuguese uh recently we did a rebranding and now it's called AZpop so az means you can find everything and pop because it's young it's fast so easy part.

Avi:-  nice so AZpop allows me to go I'm going to download the app right now I can download the app and I can search for a category of service that I'm looking for and I will find that WhatsApp and I can start communicating with them right away.

Daniel:- exactly you are not going to be able to download it because it's only available in brazil sorry about that but soon enough we want to get you to India our development team is in India in fact but yes let's say you need a plumber you type plumber search it lists all the plumbers in your city that answer through WhatsApp and with a single click you start the WhatsApp chat with that professional or business you don't even need to save the contact to your contact list which is it takes a lot of time and it's bothersome right.

Avi:-  so tell me when so for all the audience who's listening to this interview how come up with the idea you did validation you found a team in India all that difficult stuff you've done and you developed an app you have 400 000 downloads people already using it how do you market an app to people around the world.

Daniel:- right and I believe this is very related to what you are doing because a lot of the focus of your courses are video right and for us uh we rely heavily on video to promote the app we have made experiments with images with links on google for example but by far the most efficient channel and medium for us, has been video, so video advertising and we do that on Facebook, on Instagram, on youtube, so over the months, we have tested several options once we identify that video is the format that works better we have tested several video formats and now we have one that by far outperforms all the other uh so it's a 60-second video advertising that we run on those platforms basically explaining quickly what the app does explain the benefits and inviting the users to download the app.