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This is the second part of communication between Avi and Daniel

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Avi:- got it so what would you say daniel is the so there are two things one is the brand and one is the father of the brand you and your you know co-founder you know you're the parents you made it happen you gave birth to that idea how important do you think it is for you to be on video and talk about your back story and how you develop this and all of that versus just one explainer video. 

Who is Avi Arya?

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Daniel:- good point first I think it's very important and we are starting to realize this more and more recently, in fact, Fernando and I,  who is my co-founder and we decided that we needed to be more transparent about what we are doing so not only just have explainer videos but ourselves get in front of the camera and put some videos on our Facebook page, on Instagram to have more direct interaction with our customers without with the users and we believe there are several benefits to doing this. first, it creates a more personal aspect about the brand and about the company so the users can see who is behind it so it makes it more relatable.

second it's very positive to have this notion that we are building in public that we are transparent about what we are doing because people are going to understand that it's people after all behind it so you understand if we make mistakes if the product is not perfect they will understand it more and finally it's also a good way to to get feedback to get more real feedback from our users so one idea that we are implementing right now is that we created a whatsapp group for our users for the power users let's call it for the users that really love our product and then fernando and myself are going to get in front of the camera on instagram facebook and are going to invite those users that really love our part of our brand to join that don't join us on that whatsapp group so that we can talk uh they can ask us questions they can suggest new features they can say what they like what they don't like so yes answering the question very important and we are realizing now more than ever how important it is for us to get in front and then a second point related to this is that as i said we made several experiments regarding what video format would work better and curiously enough the explainer video so we paid a professional agency to do a very professional video so everything is good looking voice over actor the image effects are perfect yet it performed much worse than just us talking in front of the camera and just explaining what the product is so it was a surprise to us because one of our investors said hey guys you need to get a professional video right explain your video we said okay let's do it but the results were very very bad it's it looks like having  someone in front of the camera it brings much more results and it's like people capture the attention of people drawings not so much.

Who is Daniel Scocco?

daniel the founder of AZpop Brazil

Avi:- right now i love what you said because that's what we teach in our programs as we say people want to do business with people not the logo of a company so put the people in front so there are three strategies that we tell people one is the founders of the company the father and mother of the company they go and tell their stories why it happened my name is avi arya father of two girls that's the hotelier street car they saw that so i tell my story before i start any conversation even when we go on a pitch a client pitch for a digital marketing project we tell our clients this is my story you have to listen to it for five minutes and i'll give you them the entire story on how i came to the stage of running a company which is digital marketing and so then they connect with me after that they can listen to five other pitches i don't care because i know that i have left a mark because they remember my story number one so the founder story number two we tell people tell stories of your team members who are they where did they come from why do they believe in this product where did they come from so all people and thirdly stories of my customers you know so uh what happened with them and these kind of three video aspect stories and we've seen has changed dramatically the the like you said the power users come together and they're like i love this brand i love that guy i love that story that person is me and that's how 2020 brands are created through videos so i like that you sort of validated that so it helps our audience to understand the power of micro videos.

Avi:- my next question is you have built and sold so many websites now a lot of people because of covid and all of that are sitting at home they're developers or they think like a developer they can hire somebody in India or Brazil or wherever what should somebody do if they know how to build and rank and get traffic on a website how what's up, what how do you make a website and sell it how did that model work can you tell us about it.

Daniel:- yes first one point forget to our question these days you don't even need to know how to code to create a website or even a web application be it a mobile or a web app because there are so many tools you can use that pretty much automate this process and becomes pretty much like a visual editor where you just need to drag and drop and then boom your apps created for you so even if you have no technical skills whatsoever I mean it is a great time if you have ideas and if you have the drive to put the effort and do the work. After all, it's not the idea but the execution that's going to bring the results but if you have the drive if you have that you don't need to have the technical knowledge to create a profitable a popular website or application then in terms of selling the website I guess that's what I want to know selling the project uh obviously.

after we if you want we can talk about how to get to a point where you can sell how to grow it sure but if you have something that's working that's profitable you certainly will be able to sell it, you just need to understand the kind of numbers that people use uh if you want to sell fast okay first of all the website needs to be profitable and needs to have an upward trend okay so at least this needs to be stable it's very tough to try to sell a website it's declining okay and I say that because I've tried to do it several times potential buyers that are going to be skeptical uh you either are going to have to charge a very low price uh which probably is not going to make financial sense to you or you're not going to be able to sell uh so that's one. a good point a mistake I did several times which is for the projects where I was not so passionate about I should have sold at the peak and not waited for it to start declining.

Avi:-  is that the project you're not passionate about and you feel that you don't want to put in more time and energy when it's going well sell it and do something but it's something that you like to do everything and it gives you money then you may want to keep that okay understood good point.

Daniel:- yes because if you don't soon and when you when it starts it starts to work the numbers are good the revenue is coming you kind of assume that it's going to keep like this forever but it never does it never does unless you keep working like crazy competition is going to catch up google is going to update its algorithm it's they are going to get you sooner or later unless you are so passionate that you keep working hard so if you are not that passionate as soon as the numbers are good sell it i have many i have this regret on many many projects and then going back to the to the numbers i believe if you want to sell fast you probably are going to be able to get anywhere from 24 up to 36 times the monthly profit the monthly earnings so for example website that earns 1 000 per month probably you're going to be able to sell for uh easily for twenty four thousand dollars if you negotiate more if you go after the right buyer you might get thirty six thousand dollars okay and if the website is is really stable okay has been online and is stable or growing for many years five years or plus uh if it's on a popular niche popular segment you might be able to get a number a multiple as high as 48 times the the multiple of the monthly earnings above that is much more difficult i have not seen so many deals in that number and then how do you do it there are a couple of ways to to start that process and to sell you can get in touch with website brokers there are many of them in fact if you type on google website sale broker you're going to find many of them it's the easiest way but they are going to charge anywhere from 10 to 20 commission and so you need to factor that in uh alternatively you can go to websites where people allow you to list your website flippa.com is perhaps the the most famous one but there are others there are some uh specific for specific types of websites for example software as a service websites you have uh websites that only list those types of websites you can go to them you list usually you just pay a fee to list the the property and then they do not guarantee that you're going to sell or not but the potential buyers are going to make offers and then you go from there that's how i would approach it.

Avi:- got it that's a very good strategy you said you can go to google and site type website brokers find the right company negotiate with them between 10 and 20 they will help you get the right buyer provided you have the right numbers it's on an upward trend they will look at all those things number two you can go to flipper and flipper will allow just with a monthly fees list your site and then it's between you and your audience so tell me a lot of people because this show I want people to listen to your message to be able to say I can do something on my own after COVID. some people want to write about mobile phones some people want to write only about mobile phone covers some people want to write about glasses some people want to write about race car jackets some people right want to write about neon signs some people write about you know superheroes by the way which one is your favorite out of those i would say iron man okay so so people would like to you know sort of so people have very my daughter wants to write about horses my elder daughter wants to write about bullying you know in school when you bully people and she wants to write about that so when is when somebody who's listening to this they want to start a website project you know it could be content blogs you know videos whatever they're trying to how should they start should it be a passion project or would you say i don't care about passion just go to google keyword planner look at the top search keywords look at what's trending on google trends find out everything validate proof of concept and go after what is trending make your website go there and then sell it or do you think no create a website which you are an expert on for example if you were a doctor and now you're not or you're a nurse now you're not maybe you were fired from a restaurant industry now or you're fired from you know you were a camera person and now you don't have a job or you were working in airlines and you don't have a job today you can write about hotels airlines whatever you want or make videos around that so other people can learn how to get a job there what how should i how should i start i mean how should i start building my website.

Daniel:- you asked me 10 years ago I would say that you have to start something about topics you are passionate about okay I had that view today I no longer hold this through I believe oh pretty much all options you described can work okay so if you have a particular passion and you want to write about it you want to create a blog a website around it that's fine probably if your passion is the house has also some market value that is the best of uh both worlds because you're going to be passionate you're going to be writing about something you know and there is market value for that okay or topic because sneakers are it can be very profitable by the way very profitable yeah I'm not sure in India but there are many places around the world where there's a complete ecosystem of people that buy and sell.